branded email campaigns
for the Beef council

Client: National Cattlemen's Beef Association
Type: CRM (Customer Retail Marketing) and RFS (Retail Food Service) Content Strategy & Email Design
Role: Art Director, Designer, Content Strategist

Working with the design confinements of HTML text styling & basic image formatting, these small email projects were a fun challenge to keep the content engaging and design simple & systematic. Several email campaigns created for the Beef Council are shown below. Since this was a small team effort, I wore multiple hats: responsible for the email design, best practice recommendations, wire-framing, and client presentation. 


Audience: New and lapsed subscribers, 24 - 37 year-old consumers of beef

The 30-Day Protein Challenge is a yearly initiative created by the Beef Council that encourages their audience to consider adding more high-quality protein to their diet on a daily basis. The assignment was to create 4 enticing weekly emails for on-going customer communications along with 3 general messaging emails to start and end the challenge.



Audience: Retail Food Service Professionals
(business owners of retail stores or e-commerce enterprises)

The task was to create 4 email communications that encourage our retail food service partners to consider selling beef online, and provide suggestions on ways to set them up for success. The content plan was set up to provide useful, interesting, and data-supported information and actionable steps. The communications are presented in a “newsletter” approach—with the bulk of the content being given within the email itself (vs. sending the user out to another platform to find information).