Game Face 'internet take-over'

Client: Capital One
Type: Rich Media Ad Unit with Social Media Component
Role: Art Director, Designer

Every year, Division 1 college teams compete for the coveted Capital One Cup. We wanted to give students and fans of all ages a chance to display their school spirit. An online advertising campaign was developed to help these fans show their pride on a national level: ESPN's college spots home page. Fans were invited to own the page for their school via an online ad that instantly draped the page with their school name, mascot, and colors. Not only did you see the banner change on ESPNβ€” but everyone else online did tooβ€”an online advertising first. It didn't just stop could then brag about their conquest on Facebook, encouraging their buddies to follow the link and do the same. In the first two weeks, the ad smashed ESPN benchmarks by 846%, generating thousands of 'take-overs.' The ad garnered a 40% Click-through rate to Facebook. Responsible for concept and design.