'only in texas' ONline videos

Client: Texas Beef Council
Type: Film
Role: Art Director

There’s no place like Texas. Folks here are proud of their culture, their history, and heritage of their food. Proud of the land and what it provides from the ranch to the table. We sought out those "Only in Texas" tried and true sentiments, behaviors, and values and produced 3 distinct films. These films highlight those cultural gathering moments and show how beef plays a role in those heartfelt stories. In addition the films, we created radio spots and out-of-home billboards that ran in Texas. We also created radio spots along with OOH billboards within the "Only in Texas" campaign.

Texas Anthem Spot :30

"Only in Texas" Anthem spot showcases a range of voices that reflect the diversity of Texas and how meals with beef connect Texan families with their communities.


Texan Breakfast Taco Culture :60

Only in Texas are the breakfast tacos so delicious, the passion for them so great. Here, and only here, are breakfast tacos not a trend but a way of life. 



Texan Family Reunions :60

While folks all over world gather for annual family reunions, we’re learning through one Texan family what it means to be a family from Texas, how it feels to come back. Texans celebrate family with what is familiar—it’s the land they grew up on, and that their parents and grandparents worked. So when a Texan family gets together for a reunion, it can only happen in Texas.






The Texas Beef Council is a non-profit organization that represents the state’s 149,000 beef farmers and ranchers. The organization is directed by a 20-member board of cattlemen charged with promoting beef through research, education, and marketing.