Client: Capital One
Type: Mobile App Design, Digital Advertising
Role: Art Director, Designer

Ever wondered what it'd be like to pair unlikely characters together, to battle it out right before your eyes? If a goat and rock duked it out, who would win? Well, now's your chance to find out. The Capital One Mobile Banking app beats all other bank apps. Users can play "Rock, Paper, Battle Axe" on their iPhones and see how they stack up against their competition Visigoth-themed version of Rock, Paper, Scissors. The goals were to generate positive brand equity by encouraging brand engagement and conversion on an emerging OS mobile ad platform: the iAd. The elements of surprise and humor, along with the Monti-Python-esque animation style are what make this game entertaining and sticky. The look and concept was influenced by Capital One's well-known 'Visigoth" brand characters. Responsible for the game concept, battles between characters, and designing all screens. Check out the simulator video below to see all the battles in action.