IDentity design

Logo designs for various clients.

Legacy Dance Association

Legacy Dance Association is a company providing top quality latin dance instruction and performance experience. The identity was inspired by the Revolutionary Constructivism era. It acts as a symbol of change and rebellion in the face of authority and recognized by its loyal following of dancers. Depending on the orientation, the icon also lends it itself to be visualized as an 'eye,' representing the artistic vision of the Dance Director and Choreographer.


Tru-Way Metal Fabrication

The logo was inspired by the plethora of greased machines, button controls, and equipment warning signs that adorn the studio workspace. The logo acts much like a symbol that could be found at the factory. Depending on the orientation of the logo, it lends itself to a visual representation of the main drill found at the plant. Looking closely, it also spells "TW", the initials of Tru-Way.


Noir Ultra Lounge

The Noir logo was created for a highly exclusive, members-only ultra-lounge. Inspired by the darkly mysterious film noir of the Forties and Fifties, the mark, like its film genre inspiration, explores a darker side of female sexuality. The dichotomous interplay between the smoke-like shape and the hint of a woman’s voluptuous figure elicits intrigue and evokes ambiguity – as does the exclusivity of the ultra-lounge itself.