Client: R/GA pitching to the Beef Council
Type: Mixed Media, Hand-lettering
Role: Art Director, Food Stylist, Photographer

We stepped away from the computer and rolled up our sleeves to create a beautiful, large-than-life sized still life, using food as our medium. The new R/GA business team was pitching for a new piece of business for the Beef Council, so we concepted a stand-out way to showcase our excitement to work together as well as commitment to our craft. 

Our internal Design Department had 2 days to concept and execute. We sourced all materials, including a trip to the grocery store, prepped & cooked in-house, and spent 15 hours building. The piece was photographed and digitalized to include in the new business RFI. The final still life measured 3.5 x 6 feet. Responsible for planning, food styling, art direction, and photography.